In Reinos de Taifas we are always pursuing excellence, and that is the reason why we try to go one step further regarding product quality. We produce Single Variety Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which means that we:

1. Collect all the olives from the specific cultivar trees that we grow
2. Mill the olives of each cultivar separately
3. Storage each Single Variety Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained in individual containers
4. Bottle the EVOOs in small batches to keep them freshest

Following these steps is to ensure that we don´t mix varieties at any stage of the procedure and to offer a high-quality product. Our Green Gold is extracted from freshly harvested olives in low temperatures using traditional methods so that the product preserves all its organoleptic properties.

All these efforts to obtain Single Variety EVOOs are worthy as we can then enjoy the real flavour of the precise cultivar. That allows you to have a range of different EVOOs to fulfil your taste preferences. Each Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a distinctive character and succulent nuances.

Each of these Single Varieties we produce is on the list of the most exceptional cultivars for olive oil production. That is another reason why we offer different varieties, each one belonging to a specific single cultivar.

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