The four varieties of olive trees that we grow produce high-quality 100% Single Variety Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Each of these Single Varieties is on the list of the finest cultivars for olive oil production. This is the reason why we offer different varieties, each one belonging to a different single cultivar. Each variety has a distinctive flavour and succulent nuances.

Our Green Gold is extracted from freshly harvested olives in low temperatures using traditional methods so that the product preserves all its organoleptic properties.

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All of our Single Variety EVOOs can be used either raw or cooked. They are suitable for deep and shallow frying, as well as oven and microwave cooking.

When the temperature is low, precipitates could be formed inside the bottles. That is because the fats have a solidification temperature under which they start to become solid. This is a natural process and does not affect the quality of the olive oil, you can still use it normally.

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