Green Gold

Reinos de Taifas has been a family business since 1700. We oversee every step of olive production to ensure the final product to the consumers is at high-quality standards

Once the Extra Virgin olive oils are ready, they are delivered to customers immediately. We aim to allow customers to enjoy the flavour and aroma of the olives optimally ripened and freshly ground, to savour the unique taste of each variety of EVOO of Reinos de Taifas.

As Reinos de taifas ensure the olives are collected and milled immediately during the olive harvest season, we obtain a thick, fresh, flavourful, nutrient-rich liquid that we consider Green Gold.


Our olive farm is in a sunny village called Castro del Rio in Andalucia, the South of Spain. Castro del Rio is known for its high-quality, nutritional calcium-rich clay soils ideal for olive growth.


We produce Single Variety Extra Virgin Olive Oils using 100% of the olives from the same specific olive tree cultivars.

ArbequinoKoroneikiPicual and Picudo are examples of single varieties we grow. They are among the highest-quality olive trees for olive oil production worldwide.

lorry unloading olives in the mill


In the past, the milling used animal traction. In 1890, we installed a traditional millstone that worked by a beam and a stove. The use of a screw press then replaced the animal traction.

In 1932 we installed hydraulic presses to improve the production technique and enhance the quality of our olive oils. Then, decanting wells and thermo-filters were fitted to separate the oil from the water to extract the oil from our olives without using chemicals.

In 1975 new extraction systems were established. Although we use these systems presently, our experts ensure that the machinery is continually modified and updated.

Nowadays, we use the cold centrifugation method to extract the oil while maintaining its natural properties and aroma. There is no chemical process involved.

All the materials we use for olive oil production are made of stainless steel to avoid contamination from heavy metals (known to be toxic in large amounts).


November to February is the harvest season. Reinos de Taifas ensure the olives are harvested and milled straight away. The fast blending of the olives avoids any fermentation or unfavourable processes that could compromise quality.


The process’s final stage is storing the EVOO in stainless steel containers to prevent exposure to temperature, light and further elements.

As a result, Reinos de Taifas is confident that our olive oil production is considered one of the finest available on the market.



Reinos de Taifas is passionate about our work and strongly believes in consistency. To this day, we still practise traditional methods of olive oil production but combine them with new technologies to enhance our product.

Reinos de Taifas will and always continue to seek improvement without compromising quality. Sharing is caring. Reinos de Taifas only shares the best quality product with the community and the world.