In a sunny village in Southern Spain called Castro del Rio, known as an agricultural referent, is where our family business is running since 1700. Since then we grow high-quality olives and producing premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils. Our olive trees grow on calcium-rich clay soils, which provide the fruit with a distinctive flavour and aroma.


The Single Variety Extra Virgin Olive Oils that we produce come from different millennial olive tree varieties such as Arbequino, Koroneiki, Picual and Picudo, which are considered to be among the list of the highest-quality cultivars in the country.

lorry unloading olives in the mill


Initially, the milling used animal traction. We installed a traditional millstone that worked by a beam and a stove in 1890. The use of a screw press replaced animal traction then.

In 1932 we installed hydraulic presses to improve the production technique and to enhance the quality of our olive oils. That has always been our primary target. Following this premise, we installed decanting wells to separate the oil from the water and the so-called thermo-filters to extract the oil from our olives naturally.

In 1975 we installed new extraction systems that have been working ever since, although our machinery has been continually modified and updated, as usual, to improve our technique, always preserving traditional methods.


The collection of olives takes place when the fruits are optimally ripe to ground them at that very moment. That is to avoid any fermentation or unfavourable processes. To ensure olive oil preserve its original properties and its natural aroma we extract the oil by cold centrifugation.

Furthermore, all the materials that we use for olive oil production are made of stainless steel to avoid contamination carried out by heavy metals.


Once we elaborate on the olive oil, we preserve it in underground olive oil presses and stainless steel containers to protect the EVOOs from the exposure to temperature, light and further elements, which may cause damage to the EVOO.

As a result, the olive oil that we obtain is considered to be one of the finest that are available on the market.



The key to our success might be the passion that we put in our work. We follow traditional methods of olive oil production but combining them with new technologies to enhance our product. Our customers can enjoy the distinctive flavour of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, as well as its great deal of benefits for the human health.

Hence this so nutrient-rich liquid is so exclusive that we consider it as Green Gold.

Green Gold

Reinos de Taifas is a family business. We can guarantee that every single process involved in the production of our Extra Virgin Olive Oils matches all our high-quality standards and pass all security controls successfully, so the final product is under optimal conditions.

Once the EVOOs are ready, they are sent to the customers as soon as possible. That way the consumer can enjoy the unique taste of the Extra Virgin Olive Oils with the same flavour and aroma than they had when the olives were optimally ripened and freshly collected.

Hence this so nutrient-rich liquid is so exclusive that it could be called the Green Gold.